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Chicago February Dealer Stairstep Program & Axzd-Plan Customer Cash 03/03/20 All See Description $500
"Ford Division is announcing Chicago February Dealer Stairstep Program, AXZD-Plan Customer Cash, effective February 1, 2020.- #91484 N\/A; #75246 Rule of '10' applies - for Dealer Cash Programs ONLY, (AXZD-Plan Customer Cash Programs are limited by the number of PIN's the customer is eligible for).\u000a- Standard Rules of Eligibility dated 07\/2019 and AXZD-Plan rules apply.\u000a- CCPA (Customer Cash Payment Authorization) and the AXZD-Plan Pricing Agreement (for applicable Plan Sales) forms must be completed, and a copy retained in file. A completed CCPA ready for signatures may be printed from a Smart VINCENT Deal or the blank form is located on under \"C&I Forms\", the AXZD-Plan Pricing Agreement is located under AXZD-Plans Forms\/Guide Section.\u000a- If you have questions concerning VINCENT, contact the Marketing Communication Center at (800)548-3212.\u000a- As a reminder, to avoid payment reversals, please run all VINs through Smart VINCENT with the proper sales type, delivery date, and customer zip code and retain a copy of the Summary Page or Lock Confirmation in the deal jacket."
Ford Specials 01/01/00 Lease $0
39 months at 0.001438*
24 months at 0.000679*
36 months at 0.001333*
48 months at 0.002258*
Provided by Ford Motor Credit
Ford Std 01/02/99 Lease $0
37 - 39 months at 0.002663*
40 - 48 months at 0.001917*
24 - 34 months at 0.002538*
36 months at 0.002571*
Provided by Ford Motor Credit